React Components - DevExtreme React (2024)

React Components - DevExtreme React (1)

React Components - DevExtreme React (2)

  • Bootstrap new apps with CLI
  • Leverage 70+ UI components
  • Manage large data sets
    with ease
  • Bind your UI to real-time data
  • Brand your app and customize as needed
  • Deliver solutions for desktops and your
    mobile world
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React Components - DevExtreme React (4)

Deliver High-Impact React Apps in the Shortest PossibleTime


CLI Scaffolding Tools

Docs & Examples

Support Services

Ready-to-Use React UI templates are included atno-charge

With DevExtreme, you don’t have to waste time implementing conventional UI/UX patterns for your React projects. DevExtreme’s professional UI Template gallery includes responsive React UI templates for dozens of enterprise usage scenarios.

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React Components - DevExtreme React (5)

DevExtreme-powered React web and mobile apps inminutes

With DevExtreme, you can focus on your business requirements rather than tedious boilerplate code. Our interactive CLI engine is built atop the create-react-app project. Create new responsive React applications with built-in navigation menus and authentication forms via a single CLI command.

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React Components - DevExtreme React (6)

Your Goals, OurMission

Master technical concepts with our React-specific help topics, code examples, and demo galleries. Believe it or not, our online demo gallery includes more than 450 interactive task-based React demo projects.

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Meet Deadlines and OvercomeObstacles

We are here to help.
We will do our best to answer your support questions in a timely manner and make certain to meet and exceed expectations whenever possible.


React Components - DevExtreme React (8)

70+ React UI Components

React Components - DevExtreme React (9)

React Data Grid

Responsive React DataGridComponent

With the DevExtreme Data Grid, you can manage/edit/shape information as business needs dictate. Our blazing-fast React Data Grid includes numerous data shaping/data editing/data layout options.

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React Components - DevExtreme React (10)

React TreeList

A List View-TreeView Hybrid UIComponent

A high-speed, easy-to-use UI widget that combines the power of a traditional grid with a treeview in a single React UI component.

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React Components - DevExtreme React (11)

React Components - DevExtreme React (12)

React Forms & Editors

Responsive Form Layout Component and a Feature-Complete Suite of DataEditors

Our responsive React Form component will help you deliver user experiences that meet and exceed expectations. With DevExtreme, you can deliver elegant data forms with minimal effort. Our React UI library allows you to auto-generate editors based on your data structure or customize its auto-generated layout as needs dictate.

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React Components - DevExtreme React (13)

React Charts & Gauges

Interactive and High-Performance Data VisualizationComponents

DevExtreme includes a comprehensive suite of React visualization components for analytics and business intelligence needs. From 30+ React chart types to polished gauge widgets, all DevExtreme data visualization UI components include real-time data update support.

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React Components - DevExtreme React (14)

React Components - DevExtreme React (15)

React Pivot Grid

Multi-Dimensional Analytics at YourFingertips

The DevExtreme Pivot Grid ships with a highly optimized client-side data engine - an engine that can process up to 1,000,000 records on the fly directly within any modern browser.

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React Components - DevExtreme React (16)

React Scheduler

A Sophisticated JavaScript SchedulerComponent

Our feature-complete and responsive React Scheduler component allows users to manage data across different time zones and manage events as needs dictate. The library includes a comprehensive set of built-in views (day, week, month, etc).

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React Components - DevExtreme React (17)

React Components - DevExtreme React (18)

React File Manager

Manage Your Local, Remote and Cloud FileSystems

Our React File Manager and File Upload components will help you organize files and folder structures with ease. Your users can upload files using drag-and-drop or via an integrated web browser dialog.

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React Components - DevExtreme React (19)

React Mapping

Google, Bing, and VectorMaps

Integrate elegant, interactive maps within any React-powered web/mobile app. The DevExtreme Map component can use multiple map providers/data sources.

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React Components - DevExtreme React (20)

React Rich Text Editor Our React Rich Text Editor ships with HTML, markdown and collaborative editing support. React Gantt Create React-based project/task management apps at the blink of an eye. React Diagram The DevExtreme React Diagram allows you to visualize workflows, organization structures, and data relationships in any React-powered web/mobile app.

70 + React Components

Data Management and Analysis

React components for data management and information analysis.

Data Grid Pivot Grid Gantt Tree List Diagram Scheduler

Forms & Editors (Data Editing)

React components for form design/layout and data editing.

New Date Range Box Validator Autocomplete Calendar Check Box Color Box Date Box Drop Down Box Html Editor Number Box Select Box Switch Tag Box Text Area Text Box Form Field Set Filter Builder Radio Group Range Slider Slider Map

Data Visualization

React components for data visualization and charting.

Funnel Chart Pie Chart Polar Chart Sparkline Bar Gauge Linear Gauge Bullet Range Selector Tree Map Circular Gauge Map

Layout & Navigation

React components for form layout and app navigation.

Drawer Map Menu MultiView Tab Accordion Tab Panel Toolbar Tree View Tile View Box Responsive Box Scroll View

Actions & Lists

React components for interactive UI design.

Action Sheet Button Context Menu Drop Down Button Button Group Floating Action Button Gallery List

Dialogs & Notification Panels

React components for real-time notifications and instant UI feedback.

Load Indicator Load Panel Popover Popup Progress Bar Toast Tooltip

Best-in-Class Cross Platform Component Suite

Visual Studio Reader’s Choice Awards

Download our free trial today and see why your peers consistently rate DevExtreme the best-in-class.

React Components - DevExtreme React (24)

React Components - DevExtreme React (25)

Best-in-Class Support

Code with confidence

Our objective is to help you address business requirements in the shortest possible timeframe. Your peers routinely tell us that DevExpress Support is second-to-none.

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30 Day Trial

Download our fully functional 30-day trial. Registration not required.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Buy with confidence. All DevExpress products come with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Tiered Discounts

Save money and add licenses as organizational/growth needs dictate.

Need UI Components for a DifferentFramework?

DevExtreme includes 70+ UI components for the following developmentframeworks.

React Components - DevExtreme React (2024)


How do I add DevExtreme to an existing react project? ›

  1. Quick Start.
  2. Add DevExtreme to an Existing React Application. One-Command Setup. Install DevExtreme. Import Stylesheets. Import DevExtreme Components. Additional Props for Webpack. Run the Application. ...
  3. Licensing.
  4. State Management.
  5. Component Props Syntax.
  6. Optimize Performance.
  7. Accessibility.
  8. Security Considerations.

Is DevExtreme react open source? ›

DevExtreme React UI Components are released as an MIT-licensed (free and open-source) add-on to DevExtreme. Familiarize yourself with the DevExtreme License. Free trial is available!

What is the use of DevExtreme? ›

DevExtreme is a set of enterprise-ready UI component suites for Angular, React, Vue, and jQuery. It is everything you need to create responsive web apps for touch devices and traditional desktops: data grid, interactive charts, data editors, navigation and multi-purpose widgets.

How to use DevExtreme in Angular? ›

DevExtreme Angular - Add DevExtreme to an Angular CLI Application
  1. One-Command Setup. ...
  2. Install DevExtreme. ...
  3. Configure Stylesheets. ...
  4. Register 3rd-Party Dependencies.
  5. Import DevExtreme Modules. ...
  6. Run the Application. ...
  7. Add the DevExtreme Layout (Optional) ...
  8. Demos and Code Examples.

How do I add a React component to an existing project? ›

Add React in One Minute
  1. Step 1: Add a DOM Container to the HTML. First, open the HTML page you want to edit. ...
  2. Step 2: Add the Script Tags. Next, add three <script> tags to the HTML page right before the closing </body> tag: ...
  3. Step 3: Create a React Component. Create a file called like_button.js next to your HTML page.

How do I import another component into ReactJS? ›

Exporting and importing a component
  1. Make a new JS file to put the components in.
  2. Export your function component from that file (using either default or named exports).
  3. Import it in the file where you'll use the component (using the corresponding technique for importing default or named exports).

Can I use DevExtreme for free? ›

You must purchase a license to use DevExtreme in commercial software projects. If you are using a 30-day trial copy of DevExtreme, don't have a valid license, or if your license has expired, we display a license verification message within the browser's console.

Is DevExtreme worth it? ›

I really like their products, such as DevExtreme, and their support. Their documentation for their products is excellent. It gives you an insight into how they work and how you should use them. There is plenty of documentation on each, and the UI displaying the documentation is excellent.

What is the difference between DevExpress and DevExtreme? ›

While both are server-side ASP.NET MVC controls, the DevExtreme MVC Controls will render client-side UI because of they wrap client-side DevExtreme JavaScript controls in ASP.NET MVC controls. On the other hand, the DevExpress ASP.NET MVC controls will render server-side HTML and then deliver this to the client.

Is DevExtreme a framework? ›

The DevExtreme SPA framework is based on JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3.

Who uses DevExtreme? ›

Companies Currently Using DevExpress
Company NameWebsiteHQ Address
Modern Technology Solutions Inc.mtsi-va.com103 Quality Cir NW, Ste 230
Messer North America Inc.lindeco.com118 Armstrong Rd
Software Partner Italia S.r.l.swpitalia.comVia Jacopo dal Verme, 7
PGK Software & Communication GmbHpgk.deKronenstraße 38
2 more rows

How do I add DevExtreme to my project? ›

Add DevExtreme to an Existing Project
  1. Open your project in Visual Studio (see supported versions).
  2. Right-click the project in the Solution Explorer window and select the Add DevExtreme to the Project command in the menu.
  3. In the invoked dialog box, click OK.

What is the difference between angular material and DevExtreme? ›

Pricing and Licensing: Angular Material is an open-source project, licensed under the MIT license, which allows free usage and modification. It is a part of the broader Angular ecosystem and does not require any additional licensing fees. DevExtreme, on the other hand, is a commercial product offered by DevExpress.

Is DevExtreme angular free? ›

You must purchase a license to use DevExtreme UI components/libraries within a software project.

How do I use DevExtreme icons? ›

If an HTML element should display a DevExtreme icon, add a dx-icon-IconName class to it. We recommend using inline HTML elements ( <i> or <span> ). You can find icon names in the Built-In Icon Library article.

How do I update React scripts in existing project? ›

To update an existing project to a new version of react-scripts , open the changelog, find the version you're currently on (check package. json in this folder if you're not sure), and apply the migration instructions for the newer versions. In most cases bumping the react-scripts version in package.

How do I add React testing library to an existing project? ›

To get started with React Testing Library, the first thing we need to do is install the tool into our React project. We can either install it manually or use create-react-app , a specific React tool that automatically has React Testing Library installed for you.

How do I add Redux to an existing React project? ›

Adding Redux to your React App
  1. Step 1 - Installing required libraries. npm i redux react-redux @reduxjs/toolkit.
  2. Step 2 - Create Actions, Action Types and Action Creators. ...
  3. Step 3 - Create Reducer(s) ...
  4. Step 4 - Create the Store. ...
  5. Step 5 - Wrap the Root Component with Provider. ...
  6. Step 6 - useDispatch() and useSelector()
Aug 20, 2022


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